At our production facility, we strive to provide the highest quality products and materials possible, which is why we maintain a Class 8 / 100K cleanroom environment that meets the ISO14644-1 standards. We have also installed a white room specifically for electro-mechanical products. To ensure that these strict environmental conditions are upheld, our maintenance staff routinely performs checks on bio-burden levels, particle counts and other indicators with certified laboratory equipment. Furthermore, we use only reverse osmosis water purification processes to ensure that no contaminants are present in our production line materials.

Injection Moulding

Our injection moulding division is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, well equipped to handle any project. We have a wide range of machines ranging from 30 to 120 tons, and are proficient in producing both engineering plastics and liquid silicone rubbers. Furthermore, we also specialise in twin shots over-molding and insert moulding for added complexity. To guarantee the production of high quality products for our customers, all of our machinery has undergone installation qualifications (IQ) with each moulding project undergoing operation qualification (OQ) and production qualification (PQ).

Assembly and Secondary Operations

At MediConcepts, we understand that producing a wide range of products requires paramount attention to both assembly and secondary operations. Customers can have the peace of mind knowing we have created specialised working instructions for each product we make. Furthermore, to ensure customer satisfaction, our production engineers have developed extensive services such as multi-coloured pad printing (or tampo printing), non contact inkjet printing, welding, glueing, and much more. We are proud to say that all of these processes are neatly orchestrated and carried out with precision.


Our packaging solutions have been designed with safety and sustainability in mind. We recognize that proper packaging not only preserves the integrity of the product, but is also a crucial step in protecting patients from avoidable complications. All medical packaging solutions are in compliance \with ISO 11607 certification as well as other necessary shipping and environmental test requirements, to ensure they can stand up to any conditions. Our vast catalogue of options includes nylon, PE or aluminium pouches with tyvek backing, and blister tray sealing with medical paper or tyvek lids that provide easy-peel convenience without sacrificing quality. Outfit your products with us – we guarantee that the journey won’t bring any surprises!


At MediConcepts, we take the process of sterilisation very seriously in order to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. We use a fully integrated system that ensures incredibly rigorous standards throughout all facets of our sterilisation procedures. This includes working closely with trusted partners, monitoring protocols and adhering to both ISO 11135 (ethylene oxide) and ISO 11137 (Gamma/E-beam irradiation). Through this meticulous approach and our commitment to excellence, we offer superior assurance that your products will meet or exceed any applicable industry standards.