Wearable Health Monitoring System

The Wearable Health Monitoring System (WHMS) by MediConcepts is an innovative and comprehensive health monitoring system for the elderly in New Zealand. By leveraging its parent company’s expertise in the watch straps and case manufacturing industry, it has evolved from a simple activity tracker into a technology-inspired solution for 24/7 real-time health and safety monitoring. WHMS promises to not only improve the quality of life for elderly by providing vital medical information but also provides quick response access when any emergency situation arises. This pioneering solution has already made an impact on the way health information is collected and used, opening up new possibilities for efficient healthcare delivery.

Medicine Delivery Tracker

MediConcepts is revolutionising the way patients take their medication with their new device, Medicine Delivery Tracker. The device is designed to utilise wireless technology as well as a smartphone application to monitor herbs and supplement intake frequency, enabling greater control and transparency for users. This revolutionary tracker can potentially lead the way for medicines to be processed and taken in a timely manner while providing an improved quality of health and medical care.