Prior to the establishment of MediConcepts, we have came across a few medical devices projects before the millennium. In 2002, we founded MediConcepts with a request by a UK surgeon to perform a design for manufacturing project on a laparoscopic specimen retrieval bag. The business started with personnel seconded from a family business and a 35 tonnage Arburg injection molding machine on loan.

Since then, we were engaged in projects mainly in the minimal invasive surgery handheld instruments arena during 2000’s and started broadening our expertises into other medtechs.

The range of products that we now cover are very broad. “Think Medical” is our belief and “Redefine the medical device Contract Manufacturing Experience” is what we are offering to our customers. “Design by surgeon for surgeons” are medical devices that we make. MC is the ideal CM for our customers.

Our mission is to become the leading contract design and manufacturing organization in the region offering the optimized solutions for medical device design development and manufacturing.

Our vision is to ensuring our customers’ success so that their solutions can bring benefit to their customers with safe and effective products.