We run SolidWorks and Unigraphics, and we support ProE or other CAD softwares. Our engineers’ experience extends from design to manufacturing and include the understanding of a wide range of materials properties and their performance such as engineering plastics, silicon, metals and materials processing such as injection moulding, compression moulding, machine turning, metal surface treatment such as passivation and electropolishing, metal injection moulding, sintering and material welding compatibility.

We undertake a lot of Design for Manufacturing projects where customer has completed a design but require us to review the design for tooling (such as avoiding undercut) and manufacturability (such as replacing a screw and nut structure to purely pin-pole or ultrasonic welding structure).

Together with our electronic module suppliers and EMS supplier, we are also capable to perform electronics PCBA debugging, making Automatic Testing Equipment for electronic circuit board and building Semi Automation/Fully Automated Assembly Line to main cost efficiency.

All engineering activities are governed by our well developed operating procedures and are fully in compliance with ISO 13485.